International Day Of The Midwife

The UN declared this day to highlight the important role they play in the care of women, mothers, babies and their families and to emphasise the midwives who are dedicated to caring for women in other areas outside of pregnancy.

They are also part of our association and we want to dedicate this space to honor them. We have collected some comments from mothers remembering that stage in which they were accompanied by one of you.

Bea: ‘They were super close and kept me informed of my options at all times. 10 out of 10!’

Ruth: ‘Thank you for giving me security and treating me calmly and tenderly’.

María: ‘Thank you for all the information received and for taking care of us from the beginning of this whole adventure called motherhood’.

Midwives are a crucial part of the healthcare system and essentials to deliver holistic care to patients and families.
Although pregnancy and childbirth is something innate in women, many times we doubt our own body and what it is capable off. They’re always there, to remind us how strong we are and that we don’t need anyone but ourselves to have our babies.

They give us that support, that confidence, they are our pillar when doubts assail us and they are there to shake hands with us and follow the path with us. Sometimes the end is not as expected, but they are still there giving support and not letting us down.

Thank you all for your work.

INMA Celebration Day!

Next 28th of April we will be joining the International & Midwifery Associations Celebration Day in London!