The Care Quality Commission (CQC)

If you mention “CQC inspection” in the middle of a hospital, you might get a few stares or you might see some managers hyperventilating (please locate the nearest crash trolley just in case). Pardon? You still do not know what the CQC is? Keep reading!

The CQC is an independent regulator that monitors the care quality and social services in England.

They inspect hospitals and make sure that the services provided to patients are safe, effective, compassionate, and up to high standards. They also give advice for services to improve.

The CQC monitors, inspect and regulate services. Their reports are made public so people can get information and choose health providers. Healthcare professionals can also read these reports to choose a company to work for. If the CQC detects poor care standards, it can use its power to change the situation.

In general, their rates can be:

  • Inadequate
  • Needs improvement
  • Good
  • Outstanding

You can find all the reports on We recommend reading the reports before going to an interview, as they will give you very valuable information and ideas.

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